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We offer courses on basic, advanced and specialized topics in Cybersecurity for you and your employees  and those who work on systems of importance to your organization.

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What is involved in cybersecurity training?

Security awareness can be focused on employees being sent mock phishing and malware messages to see how they react, and then provided targeted training to those who fail to respond in a secure manner.

Many companies can see up to a 72% reduction of impact on their brand and operational stability from any attacks when they have incorporate cyber defense training.

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Which employees should complete cybersecurity awareness training courses?

Your employees are your first and primary line of defense against online crime. That’s where cybersecurity awareness training comes into play—equipping your employees with the knowledge and skills they need to protect themselves from criminal elements.

Any employee with access to a work-related computer or mobile device should undergo thorough cybersecurity awareness training. By bringing cybersecurity awareness and training to all your employees, you heighten the chances of catching a scam or attack before it is fully enacted, minimizing damage to your brand and reducing the cost of recovery.

Custom training

What topics should be covered in cyber defense training? 

Security awareness training/ network security training should always be based on real-life attack simulations that are in line with the most recent criminal trends. Hackers are always evolving their approaches and technologies, and so your company must always be upgrading its defense training to keep vulnerabilities low.

Acceler is a Managed Cybersecurity Services Provide, we can work with you to customize a training that suits your enviornment. 

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We are passionate about building courses and education resources and working with education partners to develop classroom resources.

Our Instructors

Meet Our Instructors

We love our instructors; they are what makes us great! We have assembled a great team here at Acceler Academy, and here are some of our stars:

Moeen Aqrabawi

Network Security

Eyad Ibrahim

Systems Security

Luai Ehsan


Malik Azzam


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